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California Leash Law

California has a dog leash law that stipulates that all dogs be restrained when they are outside of the home, either by a fenced yard, tether or leash. Animals that are not restrained put the owner at risk of a big liability lawsuit if someone is bitten or otherwise injured by the loose animal.

In a lawsuit, the law stipulates that a dog bite attorney must prove two conditions:

  • That the pet was not on a leash
  • That the plaintiff was bitten by the unrestrained animal

Holding Owners Responsible for Dog Leash Law Infractions

Depending on the attack, individuals could be seriously injured or killed from dog bite wounds. Each year, millions of people are bitten by unrestrained animals, and over 500,000 require hospitalization. Those most at risk are children, whose playful and affectionate gestures may be seen as threatening to some animals. When an attack does occur, medical attention and legal representation should be sought immediately. If possible, photographs of the injuries should be taken to help the victim's legal case.

There is a statute of limitations on leash law infractions, so it's never a good idea to wait before hiring an attorney. As soon as representation is sought, the attorney can begin preparing the claim and advising the client as to the best course of action. Howard C. Kornberg practices personal injury law in California, providing clients with almost three decades of excellence. He and his staff aim to provide every client with personalized service that delivers fast and effective results.